maybe it’s time to make a new tumblr. i’m not going to delete this one, i just will be starting over. will decide on a new username and will post a link soon.

bestfriend, thank you for never leaving my side. i look for you in people i meet but they’ll never be you. no one has ever put me first as you did. i love you.

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When I talk to people about my future, everything seems so real. Now I just need to make sure things are for sure real. I love planning ahead, I feel like I’m in control.

Everday has been a good talk with Mama about schools. I keep telling myself it will be a long time coming before it all comes true, but it’s not all that far away. This year will sail on by, and it will be time for Summe 2013 {PHILIPPINES! YAY.}, which means I’ll be collecting applications from schools I like in the Philippines, filling them up and of course passing them in. God, it will go by so fast. I can’t wait though. I can’t wait.

I really hope that people know that if they can’t listen to me (after they’ve asked for my advice), and if they don’t appreciate what I’m doing for them, and if they can’t move on from things, and if they can’t look up and thank their based gods every once in a while, I’m not wasting my time.

Elana: What are you guys doing?
Matt: I'm keeping an eye on the delinquent and the foreigner.
Allison: I am the delinquent.
Marrion: I am the foreigner.

: Real conversation yesterday with a law enforcement ranger at work.
Marrion: Can I read this?
Matt: No. You are a foreigner in American soil.
Marrion: What if I was raised here?
Matt: Were you born in America?
Marrion: No.
Matt: You are a foreigner.
Marrion: How can I change that?
Matt: When your passport's blue and has the American flag on it.
Marrion: -_-

It’s sad how I can’t seem to make up my mind. Or how I can’t really settle down. Or how I can’t just accept one person. Damn.

But I gotta give love to an old friend, A, you’re a true nigga (lol). Thank you for putting my mind at ease today.

lol papa is such a drama queen

lol papa is such a drama queen

Damn. Summer’s only been in session for about a month now, and I’m already here looking over my AP Lang and Comp summer reading list and making yet another list to buy the books needed. So, number one is East of Eden (John Steinbeck), which I’m actually quite excited about, and now I’m choosing between a bunch of books on what to read, there is one thing for sure though—I am not reading Catch 22.

So some of you book enthusiasts, please help me choose (there are about 32 books in the list to choose from but here are the ones that I know/heard of before):

Only Yesterday — Frederick Lewis Allen, oh darn I read the first chapter of this and it reminded me of an older version of Salinger, or a simpler version of him in some way. Or maybe I just have the habit of comparing every great writer to Salinger, one of those.

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test — Tom Wolfe

Life on the Mississippi — Mark Twain

Slaughterhouse-Five — Kurt Vonnegut

Dispatches — Michael Herr

Snow Falling on Cedars — David Guterson

The Good Earth — Pearl Buck

or I can just grab my copy of A Farewell to Arms (Hemingway) because I’ve read it recently and read that one.

Well, tomorrow’s Pride, so I need to head off to bed.

i’m starting my creative project (personal) for this summer but i can’t find glue so this is a sign from the gods that i should just stfu and go on with my life without starting this creative project.

Phone Sex — Trina.

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tumblr gets hella weird at night. i need to sleep. tomorrow first day at alcatraz and i’m kind of excited and kind of nervous and kind of tired and kind of excited that nariman is going to pick me up afterwards and we’ll have late night in and out or something and my dad put me on his insurance and he will let me borrow the car anytime i want and i am really excited i should be asleep.

I hate that Sam’s hair is supposed to be long but Emma Watson’s hair is short. And uhm, September 14.

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I’m gonna have to pull myself out of this stench and run to the library for some more peace and quiet.

Marrion Day, I am in need to execute you correctly.

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