Marrion: Happy birthday. I will always apologize for what I've done, but I want you to know I love you B.
Marcos: Don't trip. And thank you.
Marrion: I'll always 'trip' about it all cause I know it's my fault. I just want to be able to talk to you the way I was able to to talk to you before.
Marcos: Just don't. Can't do anything about it now.
Marrion: Just don't what? Just don't trip. Or just don't, we can't be friends?
Marcos: We can.
Marrion: Okay. Because I needed that. I needed that more than ever. I needed it from you. I've been a mess lately.
Marcos: I hope you get better at what you're going through.
-: I know you're still mad, B. I am so sorry. I love you. Happy 17th.

I’m always sleeping, but I’m still always tired.

The thing with me now is that I’m not blaming other people for my misery and for the problems that I have corrupting me. I am here, and I am the one to blame. I put this on myself, and only I can pull myself out. Everyday is a struggle to neutralize my extremist emotions, and when I say it’s a struggle, it’s a fucking struggle. All I can do is cruise through this and keep going. I’m gonna keep going and doing something until I reach that euphoria that this struggle has been keeping me from.

I got mad love for my bestfriend. Just mad love.

45. I don’t cry when I’m overwhelmed. I stand stunned, and the next morning I’ll throw up.

I’m a lady. I am not “down to fuck.” I’m too grown for child’s play.

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I’m not up for half-assed bullshit.

44. When I get excited, my throat clogs.

Sometimes I cry because I realize how in love I am with Ryan Gosling.

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43. My perfect man would be a mixture of Ryan Gosling and Heath Ledger.

The wisdom, humour, talent, and the nonchalant good looks.

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42. I was in love with The Pretty Little Liars series even before anyone knew about it.

I was reading that since the summer of 2008. But I haven’t watched the TV remake.

41. You know I’m not waiting for someone to text me when my phone is closed. (It’s a flip Blackberry…)

Usually, it’s open because I’m texting someone or waiting for someone to reply. When I know that the person I’m texting have lost interest and won’t fucking text me the fuck back, it’s closed.

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40. I miss Marcos every single day.

39. Motivational phrases help me a lot.

"Keep trudging, my little lady."

"You aren’t given situations you can’t persevere through."

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