I don’t like it when I’m playing Christmas music because it’s almost Christmas and someone comes in to watch TV with the volume so fucking loud. What are you doing? Santa Claus hates you.

What is my winter break consisting of?

Chai tea, sleeping, SIMS3, phone off. Fuck yeah. And countdown to Christmas! Life is good, God is good. Good vibes!

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White Christmas — Honor Society

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I am currently working on my English Final Essay and finished my 101 Key Terms for finals review for Modern World and after this I’m going to study for Spanish finals (tomorrow). Christmas music is on my computer and I’m loving it so much. I love Christmas and the whole season and the whole month of December. It gives you the great feeling very similar to being in love.

Good vibes and good luck.

For Christmas, I am going to give my best friend something that defines me. It’s going to be home made, but I wish she appreciates it because it is my token of appreciation, my way of saying I am getting better and I will share everything I have with her.

Good vibes and good night.

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